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EP "Fuerza Interior"

April 8th 2022

For the very first time we sing some songs in our mother language, Spanish. It has made a lot of fun to record some tunes of "Eye of the storm" in Spanish and all the songs have new guitar solos and new mixes.

"Fuerza Interior" is a very limited edition of 500 copies and ONLY be available through our web (Shop) or in one of our Gigs. If you want one, be quick or it will be Sold Out.

Tour 2022 over Europe

Starts on March 18th in Spain

More than happy to announce 30 Gigs for 2022 over Europe and more to come soon :-)

As usual, we´ll be touring over Spain, Germany and Switzerland, but for the first time in the Czech Republic !! We hope to add some more Gigs in new countries as soon as possible. Check it out the Tour Section for the whole details of every Gig.

See you all on the Road 

Cheers !!

News 2020 - 2022

New Video "Welcome to my world"

October 5th 2021

We are really happy to show you our brand new video "Welcome to my world".

This is the first video edited and produced by Jorge and he has done an amazing job.

Check it out and as usual, play it louder than hell !!

XTASY - TOUR 2021 OK LOW.jpg
Tour 2021

Tour in October and December

After tons of work and changes, we will be hitting the road this year to play for you, Xtasymaniacs !!!!

Spain, Germany and Switzerland in the first leg of the "Eye of the Storm Tour 21-22". We will be headlining all the shows with our full production, so don´t miss it if we tour your city !!

XTASY - 2021low.jpg
New Line-up

Stronger than ever

We welcome in the Xtasy family to Carles Salse on guitar, Johnny Kerchief on bass and Abel Sequera on drums. 

Stay tuned, in the next weeks more gigs will be announced for the autumn. See you all on the road !!

Keep on rocking !

LOGOS 2020 JORGE.png
Silent heroes - Acoustic & Live from the Quarantine


We are living such a strange and hard times. Fortunately the world is full of kindhearted people, that even in the darkest moments they shine with their kindness and compassion. Those are the real heroes, the "Silent heroes".
️️This one is for you.️ ️ 

XTASY - SPAIN MARCH 2020 - Web.jpg
Tour over Spain postponed due to Covid-19 

March 18th-22nd 2020

Due to the pandemic we have to postpone our Gigs in Spain.

We are working on the new dates for the Tour and we will announce as soon as possible.

Now it´s time to #staysafeathome.

Play with fire: First video from "Eye of the storm"

January 17th 2020

Our new video "Play with fire" is released. Recorded in the mighty Club Rocksound of the beautiful city of Barcelona. We had a lot of fun while doing it. 

Play it over and over again.

Perfect Strangers: Second single from "Eye of the storm"

December 20th 2019

Perfect Strangers is the second single of our new album "Eye of the storm" and is now available in Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music and all the digital platforms. Play it louder than hell !!

XTASY - DIE YOUNG Internet.jpg
Die Young: First single from "Eye of the storm"

November 22nd 2019

Die young, our first single is now available in Spotify, Itunes and all the digital platforms. Share it everywhere and play it over and over again as loud as you can !!

XTASY - Eye of the storm cover Internet.
Eye of the Storm: New album

November 18th 2019

Our brand new album is ready !! Metalapolis records will release it on March 06th 2020. Our first single "Die young" will be available on November 22nd. Play it as loud as you can !!

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